I survived and didn’t get fired on my first day. I even got called in early and managed to look semi-presentable (I hope). Got lots done, in the midst of a whirlwind, among which I:

  • started planning for a Knit/ Purl Sock Club. Yes, exactly what you’re thinking. You know you wanna…
  • fixed up Terissa’s blog
  • set up a Knit/ Purl group on ravelry.
  • wrote a basic sock pattern

Now that I’ve had time to reflect, I’ve got some things to add to my ‘To Do’ List for tomorrow. Among which: bring lunch.

I’m going to go and try and finish that Project #3 sleeve. The Photoshoot is in A WEEK (heaven help me!) and I’m only 60% 70% done.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes :) Now all I have to do is decide between this MacBook and this Toshiba 13.3″… votes? Thoughts?


  1. Personally I’d go with the Mac. Not only are they better for media/music/creative work, but you can always dualboot and run either Windows XP or MacOS X. Additionally, I’ve found Mac in general to be more user-friendly and like their laptop better — though it does run hot (gets very hot when it’s being used, especially if you’re using the hard drive a lot).
    Just my two cents — I’m definitely a Mac fan!

  2. definitely the mac. i have a mac at home and at work i have both a pc and a mac. my macs are so much better. of course, i think my pc is just a piece of crap, even for a pc.

    and congrats on your new job, it sounds like a very busy first day!

  3. Mac! My brother recently acquired a Macbook (a present from his gf!) and has funky little fan thing that sits under it and cools it. It just uses a USB connection — no power cord.

    Way to have a productive first day! I tend to wander around saying “um” a lot when I’m learning something new.

  4. Biggest question I would have to ask you before I answer Mac vs. PC is this: does the PC run Vista? If so, there is no question. Get the Mac.

    (For myself, my next computer purchase will be a Mac regardless, but I have heard so many bad evil things about Vista, that is the first question that comes up in regards to new computer purchases.)

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