Screw it.  I’m getting the Toshiba.

Yes, the Mac is the industry standard.  But I can’t afford one to fit my needs and, honestly, I LIKE the Toshiba.   I’m sorry if this seems contrary, but I’d like to get something I’ll enjoy using and not put my parents into debtor’s prison to buy.

Anyway, enough of that.

I got to help choose 6 new colours for the ShiBuiKnits palette today.  And I got paid by ShiBuiKnits for two of my patterns today. Which means it’s time to pay bills.  Yay.

I am so tired.  I spent most of the day making sense of the inventory and files.

PBS is coming to Knit/Purl tomorrow to film for their e²  series.  Urg.

I’m going to need all the sleep I can get.

No, I have not knit a single stitch today.  The closest I got to knitting was fondling yarn and winding a skein.


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