crHappy Birthday to me…

I am so sick right now.  I went to meet Opus at Peet’s this morning and had to leave after an hour.  Urg.  I’m going to go back to sleep in a moment.  Which doesn’t bode well for Project #3’s progress, but I’m so miserable I don’t can’t care.

But, thank you to:

  • Emmos: for sending a me a sweet (and very Greek) birthday package, despite the fact that I’m ransoming hers at the moment.
  • Everyone who’s wished me happy birthday over the ‘net
  • the person who invented DayQuil.

Sleeve #1 is nearly done (on P#3), it would have been done by now if I had gotten the math right the first time (woohoo).  I had to rip most of the sleeve last night, before my symptoms were overwhelming.

Oh, well.  I WILL get this sweater done.  Somehow.  But if I can get myself healthy-ish with a day’s worth of sleep, then I can knit like a madwoman tomorrow.

Right.  What’re the odds?


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!
    You didn’t happen to say “I wish I could get more sleep” at any point on your birthday did you… because you may have got your birthday wish (not exactly how you’d like it to be granted… but hey, beggars can’t be choosers).

    Feel better- eat cake!

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