At 6:38 AM I looked at the clock this morning and finally accepted the situation: I was NOT going to finish Project #3 on time. I had knit through the night (while watching 8 movies back to back on my laptop, locked in my room with Coke and candy to keep me going) and it still wasn’t finished.

Bitter disappointment settled in my stomach. Along with numb realization that The Photoshoot was starting in 2 hours and I would not have a sweater ready for it. That, more than anything else, was embarrassing. I’d never missed a deadline like this so badly.

Admittedly, getting thoroughly sick threw off my plans a bit.  But that seemed like a sad excuse… the situation is unacceptable to my inner OCD-freak.

I looked down at the UFO to end all UFO’s and finished the row I was on, carefully packed it up and got around to find the studio for the shoot. I still had to drop off another project and explain (albeit poorly) that there would be no men’s sweater today.

And that was that.

In retrospect, now that I’ve slept and ate something with protein and vitamins, I can only wonder at my own insanity. Or hubris. I can’t tell which it was, yet. I was so certain yesterday that I’d be able to finish in time. I have no idea why such a foolish notion overcame me or how I didn’t spot the scheme for as insane as it was a bit sooner.
I mean, really. I lost my voice on Saturday night and didn’t get it back until yesterday afternoon. I spent most of Friday and Saturday in a state of miserable semi-conciousness (knitting away fiendishly, btw*). It makes me wonder if this wasn’t part of some perverse cosmic plot: get the girl her dream job but then strike her down at the perfect moment to make her look like a total flake.


Oh, well.

And, you know what?, I’ve made a decision. I spent my birthday too sick to move and working on a project doomed to fail. My SIL offered to share her b-day, Dec 8th, with me and I’m going to take her up on that offer. I have no idea what I’m doing but, this Saturday, I’m going to do something for myself.

Suggestions, of course, are always welcome. And, now, I shall go and work on a felt swatch for ShiBuiKnits. I’ve promised them a felted scarf (yes, I know, I know), and just can’t look at Project #3 right now. I spent over 12 hours on it last night, we need a break from one another.

I also need to wind that sock yarn so I can CO those test socks (also useful for Sockdown: December!), and then I can have traveling sock photos for a short time.

*Another sign of insanity – who in their right mind would have touched, or even MODELED, something so germ-infested? I’m going to have to soak the darn thing in hot soap and water to make it something HAZMAT wouldn’t determine dangerous. And that’s also not considering the sheer number of mistakes I made while on the DayQuil and had to correct later.


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