As I hopped out of the shower this morning, I heard my cell beep. I had missed D’s call, inquiring about my health and whether or not I was coming in today.

Oops. Today’s Wednesday. Not Tuesday.  Which means I was due in at 9:30 am, NOT 1:30 pm as I had thought last night when I set my alarm and slept in.

Wow, I am looking so darn competent it just kills me.

No more DayQuil for me. I feel like such a flake on this stuff. Not to mention that I’m having a hard time remembering what I was saying by the time I get to the end of sentence. (which, unfortunately, has happened several times today)

My main achievement today? I fixed up Terrisa’s sidebar some more. A feat that included wresting the Beast that is Blogger to the ground and beating it soundly with tons of code. Next on the list is to find a way of setting up an Events Calendar for Knit/ Purl like this. Ideas or suggestions? I’ve found some free coding sites and software to buy, but rec’s are always welcome.

Also, talked to Leslie, and the best idea so far for my un/new-Birthday on the 8th is a Chocolate Crawl. Which is sounding really, really good right now.

And now, I’m going to go and swatch.


  1. Can you explain a chocolate crawl? I would think it falls along the same principle of a yarn or bar crawl but I’ve never heard of a chocolate crawl before. Either way… mmm…. chocolate.

  2. I’d look for free calendar/event apps for schools, there are a bunch of them out there. Re-occurring events, events longer than one day etc. Make a list of things this app should do and then go looking for it. Or switch the entire blog over to Drupal ( and use their custom modules. This only works if you have a server to host all of this on.

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