Just what you always wanted, eh? Hehehe.

I met with Opus this morning(ish), even though the chocolate crawl had been postponed, and we actually (for once!!!) got stuff done. Everyone should be so proud of me, I did everything on my list:

  • Got a new laptop/ work bag: check!

We magically managed to hit Franklin Covey during a sale, and I grabbed a messenger bag that appealed to my taste and Opus’ opinions on thriftyness. It also has more pockets than a Navy Seal’s trousers, I swear.

  • Sat and knit for hours on end: check!

We went over to Twisted. As much as I love me my Knit/ Purl (employment, Habu, ShiBuiKnits, what’s not to love?), Twisted has a lounging area. With a big, smooshy, sofa. Seriously. And they don’t mind if you park and knit for, oh, SIX hours on their couch. Opus even made a cookie run between rounds:


Her mum’s Christmas present #2. The other reason we crossed the river? The sock yarn. They have completely different stock than us. And look what followed me hooome…


SMOOSHY! My deep and abiding love of The Smooshy cannot be denied. Nor can cool books on socks. Not pictured? My kick@ss new Zephyr Style sock stitch markers, which I couldn’t leave without.

We hung out with the girls (and quite a few familiar knit-bloggers) and caught up. Then Opus and I were bad and got fish ‘n chips next door.

So, WIP update? Project #3 is almost done, I’m so close to finishing it I might cry. I have 12 rounds until the final shoulder decreases (another 10 rounds, give or take, I think) and then onto the saddles and collar. I should be able to get it done (well and with some style) by my new deadline of December 21st. My next challenge is finding somewhere to block it.

Opus suggested I sleep on the floor.

I told her to bugger off. There are some things even I won’t do.

But, kicking Emm out of his bed isn’t beyond me…

Final note? The cuffs, and pattern, of the cash-socks are done. Now all I need to do is slave away on my January Mystery Sock pattern (for the SKA) tomorrow, and I’ll be on schedule. Well, mostly.

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  1. It was good to be out and knitting on Saturday wasn’t it? I enjoyed just sitting there. Take care of yourself while you are knitting away. :)

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