Yes. It was one of THOSE weeks. Several days resulted in the therapeutic consumption of alcohol. But I survived and am (mostly) intact.


  1. The sample cash-socks are coming along. I plan to finish the heels tonight. Or hope to, anyway. I really need to find the time to take a photo of them. I like them. They are pretty and fun to pet when I am stressed. And, since they are cuff-down, they actually count for Sockdown: December. Which means I might get a pair done in time, thus possibly regaining my street cred.
  2. The Knit/ Purl December Newsletter is out. Which is a major achievement, believe me. I spent many hours this week making sure we didn’t send out gobbledygook. Only, ha, it isn’t showing up on the Newsletter page. I have been warned that it might take 24 hours. [moving on…]
  3. I am starting a Sock Supporters Group that’ll be meeting twice a month, the 1st and 3rd Mondays from 6 – 8 pm, at the store. We ironed out the details yesterday. The first meeting will be on December 17th. Also, an added bonus I lobbied for: during the first meeting ALL sock-related goods will be 10% off :) I know for a fact that Opus is planning to stock up on Lorna’s.
  4. I gave in and bought more of The Natural Collection (the specially, naturally, locally handdyed sock yarns Knit/ Purl commissioned). Even though I can’t knit it (for a month or more to come), I see the way the wind blows. We’re nearly sold out and I want some for laters. It ain’t called a stash for nothing. And, anyway, I might just carry a skein around on me to sqoosh on tense days. I’ve seriously considered choosing a theraputic skein of Smooshy to carry around.
  5. A new plot has been conceived by the madness that is Terrisa and I alone in a room: we are going to spend the month of January 2008 raising money for Heifer International. Our goal? $5,000 to buy an Ark. D, my employer, has agreed to give 1% of the month’s profits to the cause. I’m going to put a ‘donate’ button/ poster/ notice on every single thing that stands still long enough, with our goal and current balance after the start of the new year. For those in the PDX area – we’ll also have a donations box up on the counter and’ll probably be concocting more fundraising schemes as we go :)

And that’s everything I can remember. I really want to CO a million things, probably mostly because I can’t. But I am remaining strong. Even if I sit and think longingly of knitting Seraphim. Or Eleanora. Or the snood I’ve promised. Or, you know, anything that’s not a white, cabled sweater.

At least it’s almost done. Soooo… close.

Oh!, last item to report: the Chocolate Crawl WILL BE this Sunday. I’ve promised to work out the details tomorrow and contact everyone. Hopefully I’ll remember to. Maybe I should write it on my forehead now.

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  1. I think it was one of those weeks for many people. Glad to see you made it through and the Heifer Int’l sounds like a wonderful plot. I brought home the dragonfly on Wednesday because I was scared it would all disappear if I waited any longer.

    {hugs} Happy Friday!

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