Since I have almost nothing to post about, here’s a pretty:

dec socks

And that’s all I got. Well, not all. Mum and Emms and I went to see The Golden Compass this afternoon. It was good. Die-hard fans of the series might be disappointed with the end of the movie, is all I’ll say.

Now I’ve got some ‘design work’ to catch up on :)

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  1. I very much want to read the books; I am planning on doing so during break. I don’t know if I’ll see the movie right away, though, until I’ve read the books. my girlfriend said that the books ended up really weirding her out, in terms of the philosophical ideas espoused and everything… and I was surprised since she’s not usually squeamish about ideology. made me want to read them more.

    you still reading Latin and Greek at all? :)
    once you get a reliable internet connexion, you should message me. same as always. i miss hearing from you.

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