Somehow, against my better judgement, Opus lured me out of the house today using pitiful foretellings of the Holiday to come (her grandmother, the uber Girl Scout is descending in, t-minus, 12 hours!). Whoo-oo, people were as crazy as expected. Eek. Hiding seemed the best idea, which we did to the best of our abilities. I brought along my new toy (which I posting with now), so Opus could see it. She’s expressed interest in it multiple times.

As we sat in the Central Library (hiding, see?) and I checked the foot size of Maggie, I tried out something new: the webcam. So, I took a picture of Maggie’s sock IP:

Sock for Maggie, take 2

Opus, being Opus, wanted to play with the ‘new’ gadget, too:


Bad pix, I know. But I can’t show you progress pix of Project #3 – which IS progressing, enough so that I had to buy shorter circulars this afternoon, ha! – so these’ll have to do. See, Leslie, I do totally listen to you :D And, I am sooooo close to the saddles, I can almost taste it.

And the last bit? Here’s something for ya, Autuman Socks pattern (PDF). I got a couple of requests on ravelry for the patten for my sockdown: december! socks, and decided to whip it up. If there are errata, I apologize, but I don’t have an editor locked in the basement. (Actually, we don’t even have a basement to lock an editor in.)

But now I must go back to Project #3, I’m almost at the end of another ball. I’ve lost count of which one this’ll be. It hardly matters. Hopefully, it’ll be the last…

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