They eat the emails Terrisa and I try to send each other, they screw with the blog, and NOW they’ve meddled with my Mystery Sock. Too far, they have tread. I’m going to try this one more time, and if it doesn’t work (yes, I am warning you, you little monsters), I’m calling in a priest, a shaman AND a rabbi.

MS Clue #1

There. That had better work, ya hear me??

Note to the confunded: Deb and I missed an error in Row 6. I have fixed the error 4 times now, exported the clue again each time, and tried to upload the corrected version 4 times. Have I been successful? No. Even after I deleted the incorrect clue it still turns up. Hence, I have gremlins.

Moving on.


Today was… well, a Wednesday. That says it all, really. Above is a nice picture of sock #1 for Maggie OTN. One of the things accomplished today was a tentative schedule for the other blog, in which I will now post to a weekly column, “True Plies” (thank you, Emm, for the cool name). I’m also allowed to post other people’s reviews, hint hint. My first piece is up and comments, suggestions, whatever are always good.

Now I really MUST CO the mystery sock. I’ve been, like, fantasizing about it.

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  1. I think they are just playing big this new year. I am having a horrid time fighting with them these days… Good luck and the noro sock is gorgeous. Good plan for the column schedule. :) Good luck!

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