The Sweater (of Doom)/ Project #3/ ShibuiKnits Columbia is blocking. It’s blocking. I am actually so relieved I’m a bit teary. To be perfectly honest, I was absolutely terrified that I’d get the Irish Sweater Board together, a soppy knit monstrosity onto it, only to find out that I suck as a men’s wear designer/ knitter and actually made something that would only fit a hunchback with a 24″ chest circumference.

Thank Hashem, but it actually is the right size and looks decent.  (I refuse to use effulgent words like “beautiful” when describing a soaking wet, wet-wool smelling, untested creation.  But I will, cautiously, admit that I am rather pleased with the results of this stressful endeavor.)

I feel like I earned the sock yarn I splurged on this afternoon at Woodland. Maybe it was nervousness prompting me, but I bought 4 pairs of socks worth of yarn (::blush::). It was a weird compulsion. Comfort yarn.

Hmm. New concept. Comfort yarn. Makes sense to me.

Anyway, I am so pleased with myself that tomorrow I am actually going to let myself play Mah Jongg with the ladies at Shul. I still have to do 2 weeks worth of laundry and knit 2 mitts before Tuesday, but I need some distance. If only for 3 hours.


  1. I love mah jongg! We’ve played quite a bit this winter. Usually we’ve had a hard time finding two other people to play with. Enjoy!

    PS You have to show us the sock yarn you got. No fair teasing like that.

  2. regarding the “mistake rib” in your spock pattern: is it really k1 p1 across and purl on the back? This isn’t the traditional mistake rib pattern.

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