I know this place. Well, in fact. I tend to overextend myself trying to help others. I’m not looking for praise here, just stating a fact. And, eventually, I get a little resentful. It’s completely my fault. I know this. But I would like to knit for myself for a while. Soon.

Which is why I’ve probably been spending too much time designing and not enough knitting, thus not finishing projects. Hence the lack of photos and blogging recently. Maggie’s socks are over 75% done, the Mystery Socks are progressing very very slowl, and I spent most of the weekend knitting an experiment that failed spectacularly. But, well, one has to take into account that rather infamous Edison quote.

Moreover, the previous week’s workload wasn’t too be sneezed at. One of the other reason’s I haven’t been blogging was Patrick’s accident. Patrick, my other half and Project #3 model, managed to concuss himself badly on Thursday morning (slipped in the bathroom) and had to visit the ER twice in two days. First for stitches and then for the swelling around the stitches. He’s doing much better (he works with knitters, we’ve been fussing), but he’s still not back up to par, so I’ve been covering for him. But, thankfully, he’s getting better and TNNA’s over so The Crew is due back to create more work for us.

To keep this blog from getting completely downhearted (which it isn’t, life is good), here’s the latest installment of the Mystery Sock, hot off of the hard drive:

Clue #3 (PDF)

Another positive thing to report: I spent the weekend trekking all over Portland, delivering the Rose City Knitters donation boxes. Stores supporting the cause:

  1. Twisted
  2. Dublin Bay
  3. Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks
  4. The Knitting Bee
  5. Knit Purl

To help us raise more money, Twisted and Dublin Bay will be matching all the donations they collect and Knit/Purl is donating a percentage of this month’s profit. Sooo… if you live around Portland and want to donate to our Ark Fund, drop by one of these lovely stores!

And that’s about it. I swear I’ll get better about taking some photos. I’ve been meaning to post Terrisa’s latest window display, actually. If you’re really bored and want to read the ramblings of an amateur knit-journalist, I finished another True Plies installment and the Knit/Purl newsletter will be up in a day or two :)


  1. Other half as in other half, or other half as in job other half? You know, I miss hanging out with you. One of these days TheBoy and I will get up to Portland to visit you [and several other people we don’t see often enough]. We do have a shiny new car that gets great gas mileage, it’s just finding the time.

  2. I was wondering what the name of the Mystery socks pattern was for January. I looked everywhere I could think of and Haven’t found their name.
    Have a great day!!

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