No, Patrick is not my SO/ better half, etc. We work together as the inventory specialists at Knit/Purl :) In many ways, he’s a male version of me. Kinda frightening how similar we are, actually.

Anyway, moving on… Went to Laurelhurst Park today and, wow!, there were a lot of birds. I spotted 2 hummingbirds (nesting in a pine tree, no less), 3 cormorants, millions seagulls and crows, 1 heron, and more ducks than you could quack at. There was also this, ah, ‘duck'(?):


First person to accurately tell me what that creature is will win… hrm, 2 balls of Panda Silk or 1 skein of Smooshy (the prize can be negotiable, depending on what I dig out of The Stash). Of course, you have to get the info to me by 9pm PST on Friday, since I plan on sending TheBon‘s Wacky Ducky Contest Prize (take 2 – the first still hasn’t arrived) on Saturday and refuse to visit the post office more than once in a week.

Anyway, back to Laurelhurst. I fed the ducks (don’t ask what), and they flocked around. The moment I pulled out the traveling sock:


They lost interest. Bah! Silly things.


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