This is one of those points in my life where I have to stop, look around, and make a decision. Because the holiday season is over, I’m down to a 1/3 of the hours I was working just a week ago. I’m being encouraged to spend my time designing, since my work was apparently a big hit at TNNA, but I worry about the feasibility of it. This by no means can be translated as no more designing, ever. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. Which I don’t.

But, making a living as a designer is impossible. I think so, anyway.

I have time to consider my options, which are many. Being single and unentrapped is a great thing.

Of course, facing all this life-altering changes meant that I was in need of drinks. Just, well, not this kind:

drink and be merry

Opus just laughed at me when it arrived. I was so certain a vodka/ green tea mix would be more, y’know, serious. And not involve an umbrella and antennae. Thank goodness Terrisa took me for real drinks earlier. I dare you to take into consideration the sheer size of the green monstrosity – look at the size of the plates and glasses next to it! Sheesh.

Moving on. TheBon, being TheBon, totally won the Identify This Creature Contest and will thusly be sent a very large package this weekend – part to make up for the Wacky Ducky Prize that never arrived and also her just reward for speedy and accurate research. :)

I am very, very behind on my emails and blog reading.  Please forgive me.  Maybe I’ll get some time to attend to both matters this weekend.  And now I would like to sleep.


  1. I think the random beverage looks awesome, if for no other reason than the silly makes everything better. Also, blame things like the Common Ground Fair and my Dad’s desire to raise strange and random birds when I was a kid on my ability to identify ducks. I DID use my google-fu to confirm though.

  2. If they leave the antennae on when you order a vodka/green tea, imagine what would have happened if you had ordered a Grasshopper!

  3. So, did this drink have pearls in the bottom? I don’t think I have ever seen a buble tea with antena or that included vodka in it!! LOL so, how was it? You didn’t say if you liked it or not!

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