I took two NyQuil tablets two hours ago and am still too stressed to sleep.  Aside from organizing Knit Purl’s upcoming sock club (which is going REALLY well, btw), helping Terrisa, and doing my other duties, I’m stretched thin for other reasons.  Patrick and N are out with The Plague that is looming over us all (please let my sore throat go away).  And, worser still, B is in the hospital.  I came in to work today to find out that he was in the OR for coronary problems.  B is one of our accountants and is married to Sandy B, so we’re all really worried about both of them.

Needless to say, while getting lots of work done, I’ve also been stress-knitting.  The Mystery Socks, recently CO Monkeys, and not-quite-vanilla socks are all showing signs of rapid progress.  My patterns and other design work?  Not so much.

The Socks for Maggie are still drying on the blockers.  Considering how cold it is inside (even with the furnace at full-blast), I’m amazed they haven’t frozen solid.

If I don’t fall asleep soon, I’m gonna hit myself in the head with a frying pan.


  1. hate to be the one to tell you, if you look on the Nyquil label (side affects) in little wee wee print, it will say something about may keep some persons wide awake. I know because…………….. and it was not fun

    just saying

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