The deadline to donate to the Rose City Knitters Ark Fund is TOMORROW (you lazy, cheap, procrastinators who haven’t yet)

The deadline to submit next season’s projects to ShibuiKnits is Feb 1. (see me sketch, sketch, sketch)

The deadline for last weeks True Plies? Last week. Oops. The deadline for this week? Tomorrow. I might just make it, if we pretend I was on holiday last week.

I am making progress on these things. I swear.

I finished my Sockdown: November Mystery Socks (aka Barcelona Socks) a couple of days ago, whilst high on a DayQuil/ Robitussin cocktail:


The deadline for those was, well, December 31. Heh.

And we shan’t even talk about the deadline for Project #3. That’s just embarrassing. But the pattern WILL BE turned in on Feb 1, come Hell, highwater, or even snow.

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