Oh, my. Do you know what arrived in the mail yesterday??

(sigh) Ravelry swag, to award us in Sockdown: Ravelry! for being the best KAL/CAL on ravelry. The Bobbys team even included a certificate (woot!):

Bobbys Award

And, well, a box o’ ravelry swag not available for sale yet:

Ravelry Swag
  • a ravelry tote
  • a bag of assorted ravelry pins, including a Bob and ravelry icon
  • a Bob sticker
  • 2 shot glasses – “frogged” and “ripped”

Heaven help me. I will not hide this box away and pretend it never arrived. Which is why I’m posting now, before temptation wins. The shot glasses made me laugh, off and on, for close to an hour. I was seriously tempted to bring them to work to show off, if I didn’t think they’d get snatched faster than chocolate.

Moving on.

Working on many projects now.  Too many.  In a good way.  I’ll try and post a picture tomorrow.



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