Just a quick update, since I haven’t posted in, er, ouch, a week:

  1. I ate’nt dead.
  2. I worked FT last week, with a sick family at home, so am a bit … flattened.
  3. Am back to PT tomorrow.  Have work in the morning and am subsequently suffering insomnia.
  4. I suck at knitting hats.  No, we won’t go any further than that.
  5. Cleaning the entire freakin’ house on one of my few days off … I can’t even express that.
  6. The Laundry Monster is slowly being beaten into submission.
  7. Ummm… I can’t think of a #7 despite it having been a very busy week.  Sorry.

I’m do apologize for the craptasticness of this post.  I’ll make up for it with a rant on the sickening combination of commercialism and sexism of V-Day in a day or two, when I’m back on form.  These damn commercials are pissing me off something powerful.

Time to count sheep.


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