Pay no attention to the crazy woman fiddling with code all over the ‘net. Instead, here are pretties to distract entertain you:

The Felted (Flapper’s) Cloche. Now available for sale through ShibuiKnits retailers (woot!).

Adult Spocks Button-up Socks. Dudes, we are soooo close to the end of the journey with these.
They are literally being formatted right now. Thank goodness.

Child Spocks Button-up Socks, kneehigh version. Which are slouching annoyingly (to me, anyway).
Same situation as the Adult pattern.

Both the Spocks patterns should be available for sale by the end of February/ early March. I was supposed to nag Don to set up an early purchasing system on Knit Purl’s website (see sidebar, feeling link-lazy right now), but forgot with everything else that’s been going on. That might be available next week. I’ll post when that’s up, honestly, just so’s the inquiries lessen a bit on my end.

Other stuff?  More laundry to do.  Lots of knitting, too.  Need to finish these, so I can use the needles for my next edition of True Plies.  (note to self: really need to get a kick@ss button for that)

Have a spider bite on my chin.  Aack.  Hate those damn monsters.

Think that’s everything important.  Sorta.  Kinda frightened.  I wasn’t able to check my ravelry stuff for a couple of days and when I logged on last night… 200 replies to read on Sockdown: February!!  Oy.  Haven’t even started on those, yet.  And don’t even ask me about by bloglines feeds.

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