Something small, I’ll admit, but a something nevertheless:


Ignore the scary faux-head please. All the other hat models were busy with more important projects. It (the hat, not the lump) is made with Manos del Uruguay’s new Merino/ Silk blend. Yum. I’ll be writing up a True Plies review tomorrow. Honest. We took the pictures today for that express purpose.

Umm, what else? I’ve been running around like made (no change there) and have to work tomorrow. Knitting time is scarce at the moment, unfortunately.

Lots of Big Things going on at the moment – the ongoing Sale (which took a lot to get going), setting the store to rights after Madrona, new ShibuiKnits patterns to write, old ones to edit (don’t know how I got signed up for that job), the Sock Club to organize, etc etc. But, the Biggest News I’ve been dealing with?

Ruth Sørensen, designer of the Kauni cardigan (oh, you know it, I’ve seen 2 in the shop in the past 2 months! it’s THE reason we can’t keep Kauni EQ in stock), is coming to town to teach 3 workshops at Knit Purl. I’ve been given the job of contacting all her students in advance with the workshop packets. And then answering their response emails when it became clear that I’m not as coherent as I’d like.

Now, here’s my problem: D (my lovely employer) promised me that I could take any of Ruth’s workshops for free, so long as there weren’t so many people in the room that the Fire Marshall would wince. So what did I manage to do? I signed up for a regional Mah Jongg tournament (don’t laugh at me) the same day as Ruth’s Designing With Transitional Color Yarns – THE workshop I’ve been coveting, and the Harlot just posted about going to at Madrona. Dammitall. I mean, yes, I could just attend her other workshops on Saturday, but I really have been focusing on the colorwork one. Don’t ask me why, I’m crap at Fair Isle, but it fascinates me just the same.

Now, here’s the question: do I just walk away from the Tournament (again: don’t laugh) which I actually paid to enter (who just snickered?), or do I attempt to go to a workshop that’s rapidly filling up? I hate having to make these decisions. To top it off, I’ll have to explain to all the Mah Jongg biddies (Jewish Matrons) why I didn’t come. Of course, if I could have come to the Colorwork workshop and didn’t – what kind of Knitter am I?

Oy and gavault.

(yawn) I think I’ll sleep on it. I have to go in early tomorrow, anyway…


  1. Gevald indeed… I honestly can’t say what I would do in your position, though if you ask hard enough, these things often have weird ways of resolving themselves…

  2. The Mister and I have a thing…. its called the rule of prior committment. Example: if you and I plan to go the movies and I suddenly find out that there is an free Gerard Butler autograph signing… because I already committed to the movies with you that’s where I’d be going (dreaming about Gerard the whole time while there… but still).

    Best of both worlds… have someone tape the lecture and still go to the tourney. ;)

  3. That’s a hard decision! I think I’d say to go to the workshop but maybe that’s because I’d really like to go. If only I had any money. :(

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