Still haven’t made a decision yet (about Ruth vs. Mah Jongg). Not going to today, anyway.

Spent the day running around, but this evening at Laura’s. Long-term blog readers will remember Laura from The Dungeon and That Halloween (and I totally can’t find the links right now, sorry). She just moved into an apartment in Beaverton, so I went out to visit and catch up. Cool apartment. I’m kinda jealous of all the space she has. But not of the commute, if I’m totally honest.

Umm, lost my train of thought in the hunt for links…

Oh, yes!, time to uncork the Champagne. The spocks (Button-up Socks) patterns are IN THE MAIL to ShibuiKnits retailers across the country. WOOT!

Which, combined with the Harlot’s most recent post, made me realise something. The spocks? They were really created because of the collection of buttons I’ve inherited. Hand-carved shell and bone and Czech glass, all in tins and boxes and jars across the house. The first set were made with these old, softly worn, hand-carved bone buttons that I loved. The second pair? With just exquisite little hand-carved shell buttons from my grandmother’s stash. They were a joy to sew on and they glimmered.

And I also realised that so many of the patterns I’ve written? They’ve been written around buttons. Buttons up the shoulder. Buttons down the sleeve. Buttons on hats. And buttons on baby raglans.

How weird is that?


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but now you have me hoping that I really /can/ make a pair of knee highs out of 2 skeins just so i can find and sew on more buttons. no, seriously. :) it’s not weird at all your button love. i pester mum about her lost jars as often as I can.

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