I’ve been hosting a sock knitters group at Knit Purl every fortnight for a couple of months now. And, while “Sock Knitters Group” is an accurate and informative name it lacks a certain something. Sooo, all last week I took down suggestions and on Thursday afternoon put up a poll (linked just in case 3rd party coding won’t work*):

Sock it to us!
Pick a name, any name…

Rockum Sockum Club
Sock In Mouth

Sock it to Me

The Soxy Knitters Club

What the Sock?!

Socks Appeal

No Mean Feet

Socks Stars

Socks a Millions

Monday Night Sock Knitters Club


I figure if anyone should get a say, it should be my blog readers – since you poor things get bombarded with blurry pictures of strange knitters every couple of weeks. So here’s your chance to vote and actually affect something immediately.

*ETA: and it won’t (sigh), but I managed to get the list to show up. You’ll have to follow this link (or the one up top) to actually vote, I’m afraid. Damn gremlins.

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