That’s all I want. 4 more hours added onto the day – so I’ll have 2 extra hours to work and 2 more to sleep. I mean, honestly, doesn’t a 28 hour day sound grand?

I’m pathetically late in posting about, well, everything. And updating my Designs page (heavens, the emails, the emails! anything to make the questions stop, really). Luckily enough, I finally have time TONIGHT to update everything I can remember that I needed to do.


Point 1: the Designs page is updated with, YES, links to where my Venum [“for sale”] patterns can be bought. Please stop emailing me. I honestly don’t know if your LYS carries my sock pattern – check the ShibuiKnits Retailers List. Conterpoint to this… er, NO, the completed Gen-Erous/ Sockdown: January Mystery Sock pattern isn’t up yet. Sorry. It’s on the To-Do List.

Point 2: the sidebar has been updated/ cleaned up. Maggie’s socks have been sent off and received by her Godmother. All is well, so the button can be taken down.

Point 3: I ended up choosing to go to the Mah Jongg Tournament on Sunday for 3 reasons: 1) stephieface was right and the right of prior commitment is important, 2) Opus convinced me that I would have to be crazy to spend one of my few days off of work at work, and 3) I’d paid $20 to go. So, on Sunday, Mum and I made the trek to Neveh Shalom and were a bit, umm, bemused by their building:


Yes, that is, indeed, a 3-story high building face with the 10 Commandments in Aramaic. I had to take a photo – it was the first time I’ve seen a Mega-Shul (sorta like a Mega-Church). With more than 1,000 members, I think they qualify for the ‘Mega’ status. And I suppose the building plan makes sense when sandwiched between the Christian Center of Portland and the Latvian Lutheran Church of Portland (very religious block, I guess).

Moving on. It was fun. Since the tournament was organized by Jews (I get to say that, yes), there was more food than than table-space. And then came the games, which were hard-core. I managed to get into the middle-scoring bracket, thankfully, whilst many of my compatriots were in the lower-scoring bracket. Or even, eek, in the negatives (points were awarded or deducted per hand).

Anyway, onto other stuff.

Point 4: I finished my Pratchgan square on Sunday night and have since sent it off to cherryred (the organizer). It was meant to look like cobblestones, because I remember Terry Pratchett saying his favorite Discworld character is Samuel Vimes – a character who is infamous for knowning what part of Ankh-Morpork he’s in by feeling the cobblestones through his soles:


But when I tried to dye it grey, the dye didn’t take. I have no idea what to call it now, other than soft and sqooshy and machine-washably blue. (sigh) It fit the afghan requirements, at least. I had such a hard time with this little square. I must have CO 6 times and ripped out, picked up, charted and more too many times to count. I’m such a huge fan of Pratchett and Discworld, it was like I was overwhelmed with the possibilities and wanting to make something right. Finally, I just gave in and did the simplest thing I could stand. Hopefully, this will be enough.

There’s more to mention, but I’m tired and can’t remember what it is. I’ve been working nearly FT lately (PT is a myth) and have to go in tomorrow. I guess that’s everything for this post.

Coming up this weekend, St M is visiting me! She’s braving Amtrak to give me a reprieve from work (I actually got out of inventory!). And… well, the next 3 weekends are also spoken for.

I really could use those extra 4 hours a day.


  1. just 4 hours? i vote for 6. 2 for work, 4 for sleep.

    mega-shul is mind boggling to me.. i’m either in someone’s living room or a shteibel. but yet.. how wonderful?

    PT is a myth.. tho watch the hours b/c i don’t want anyone in trouble (not that we mind the $) i can’t remember when I last was at the office JUST for the hours we’d set .. oh wait.. i could see my 6 hours having a 3-3 or a 4(work)2(sleep) or worse… hm… maybe you 2 hours is real good… i need something!

  2. My favourite discworld character is Granny Weatherwax with her headology and the broom she has troubled starting.
    Pratchett’s books are full of subtle one liners.
    “You can’t escape the inevitable, eventually you will end up at the place where the inevitable went and waited.”

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