What have I been doing this week? Mostly battling the monster that is the Knit Purl website. I have, finally, managed to fix all the code AND standardize the Habu Textiles Kits page. Of course, doing so, I discovered duplicates of many of the kits – and left them there until we can figure out which ones are correct. I also helped Terrisa take photos of all the new yarns lines we’ve gotten in and a bunch of other stuff.

Mostly, it’s been a long week. So, Saturday, I met up with Opus at a cafe down the street from Twisted and we spent a long time being lazy and indulgent at both the cafe and LYS. Before we dragged ourselves off of their couch, I snapped a photo of the yarn I’d bought and some of our WIPs:

(Above: my Casbah socks in “Vintage”, Blue Moon Silkie in “Blue Brick Wall”, and Opus’ now-dubbed ‘Carmen Miranda’ shawl made with Kauni-EQ)

From there we crossed the river and hopped, skipped, and jumped around The Pearl. I even found some more guilt-free, fair trade, mind-blowing chocolate. Eventually, though I had to turn around and go to work for the Dreaded Inventory.Why it’s so dreaded, I really don’t know. Having done it the old-fashioned way with clipboards and books of inventory sheets, having 3 scan guns and a computerized system makes it totally manageable in my mind.

Anyway. We (Opus decided to volunteer to help) arrived and were greeted by this:

Only, you know, in black and white and in The Oregonian. My coworkers had found the photos taken last week, whilst St M was visiting. I knew it’d happen (sigh). Oh course, the photo is completely out of context. I was laughing because M threw the Boa on, shrieked, and nearly fell over it was so heavy. I think it also bonked her on the head, too. It was funny as hell (I’m a bad friend, I know). But I wasn’t laughing at the Boa itself. Ohwell :)

Back to Inventory. We had decided to just do the Habu and Malabrigo earlier in the week, expecting them to be some of the worst. They really weren’t. With 2 extra volunteers (8 total), we got through the two in less than half the time we’d scheduled. Which left us a lot of time to reorganize the yarn and munch on pizza.

Again, it was nothing on doing inventory on the Knit Shop or at the Museum.

But now I have to go and battle That Sweater pattern for the 3rd time in 2 days. It’s going to be the death of me.


  1. Just so you know, I’m done with my green dress! Okay, so I’m done with it except for heming and adding the aiglets, but it’s a dress, and for all intensive purposes, it’s finished. Unfortunately, March is rather a busy month for me… So if you would like to reserve a date in April that might be best. Of course, this does not mean you have to have the snood done by then, just that I’d like to see you again!

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