This is almost a good news/ bad news situation.

Good news? ShibuiKnits got in four new Sock colors (Jonquil, Kiwi, Periwinkle, and ManBlue). Particularly cool about this is the fact that Kiwi is my color – I chose the actual shade, not the name.

The Bad News? I’ve been conscripted into making 300 color cards for our various vendors. The past couple of days have been littered with these:


In about 7 – 8 hours of nearly uninterrupted work, I’ve managed to complete nearly 60. It doesn’t look like I’ll be seeing the end of this project anytime soon. The entire crew voted for me to take the slow way, using a tapestry needle and patience – no double-sided tape for me.

I’m close to getting revenge, though. I’ve volunteered a couple of coworkers to do the Silk Cloud cards, since I’m allergic to mohair and would have hives in 5 minutes if I tried. Mwahaha. Now they shall be as bored and inundated as I!

(P.S. The Casbah sock says “hi!”)


  1. OMG those are beautiful colours and the thoughts running through my brain of what they could do TOGETHER. it’s probably good i’m not doing the cards (being across the country and all) b/c i’d probably try some things that are running through my head.

    plan with the silk cloud sounds perfect. hide the tape though. ;)

  2. You’re so diligent. It sounds like little more than assembly-line work, though… I hope you don’t end up hating fabrics after this.

    Speaking of that, I’ve not been all that productive myself lately. This thesis-writing stuff is harder than it looks.

  3. I knit a pair of striped baby picot booties in Kiwi & Dragonfly this weekend… must post on ravelry. I think I bought a skein of each of the new colors actually — perfect for hip, non-gendered baby projects. PSA: you can buy the new colors from Knit Purl’s online shop. I’m sure Loopy Ewe will also have them up soon.

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