After spending yesterday catching up on the laundry and cleaning (I even ironed my work shirts!), I decided to be lazy on my last day off for a while.  So what did I do all day? I indulged myself and sat on my tuckis in front of my wheel for 2 – 3 hours and produced this:

fruit salad

100 g of Merino yarn that I love muchly. I have absolutely no specs for you, sorry. I’m fairly certain it’s a DK weight since it looked like it. But since the skein is blocking, I don’t have WPI or yardage. I think I’ll make a hat with it, to entice the warm weather back (it’s like bringing an umbrella to prevent rain).

On the subject of handspun, I still have these beauties, which I finally wound this afternoon. I want to make something with them. Two somethings, really. Suggestions would be great, since I’m completely hopeless. The green is getting 4 SPI on US 9 and the purple-pink will probably get 5 SPI on US 7.

And that is everything.  So sleepy.  The Robitussin is making me fuzzy.


  1. Wow, that looks great! What a wonderful way to spend a day! Congrats on a great finished product! It looks squishy………………….. mmmmmm squishy.

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