Lemme see… Been busy, busy, busy. All my spare time is spent cleaning or napping. Though, occassionally, I do get the chance to knit on this:


And, uh, that’s about it. Am so tired.

In reference to everyone’s replies to my last post: huh? I didn’t upgrade, I guess. WP did it for me :P One day, I logged in and everything looked wonky. But hppefully I’ll figure this all out, soon. Whenever I click the Add Media icon, it does nothing.


Winter Snowdrop Socks (PDF)

Of course, now that I just tried to do it again, it worked. Figures. Well, there’s a pattern for you. Already published, admittedly, but a pattern nonetheless.


  1. No, as a wordpress.com user you have no choice in what version you’re using [and in fact, wp 2.5 was available to self-hosted wordpress users slightly before it was available to wordpress.com users.] So, wordpress.com was upgraded to 2.5, taking you with it. The only way to control the version you’re using? Go self-hosted.

  2. Lol, I don’t see the issue with 2.5. I’ve been self-hosted for three years now and I’ve been using WordPress since before 2.0 — and 2.5 is just another step in the right direction. might take a bit of tweaking but you’ll get it working.

    How’s everything these days? It’s been ages since we’ve talked. I’m trying to finish (read: start) my thesis and then go off to a PhD program. Life’s crazy.

  3. I have space for you to self host but we decided to try this for a bit, if you want it now you’ll have to wait until after May 9.

    is that ok?

    {hugs} hang in there!

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