That is how many hours I have worked in the past two weeks, not counting lunches or commuting time either. Oy. But, it’s been worth it. The store hasn’t suffered from N’s sudden leave-of-absence and inventory is more accurate than ever. Also, I managed to help Terrisa get the Knit Purl website up to date.

My newest of newly learned skills? Tech editing. While I may suck at editing myself*, it turns out I’m not too bad at editing other people. This can be duly proven by the fact that I went through Terrisa’s Baby Court Jester pattern with a fine-tooth comb and didn’t pull my hair out :) Go, look, it’s SO DARN CUTE it kills me. Especially since I spun the yarn for her.

Since today was Pay Day, I decided to reward myself and got one of these and one of these. I’m gonna spin the first and ply it with the second. Should be fun. If I get it fine enough, I should have around 400 yards. What should I make? That’s the question.

I swear I’ll finish Monday’s post. But, to do that, I need to take some photos. And since I leave before it’s light out and get home after dark, most nights, that’s proving difficult. But I swear I’ll make the effort. Maybe Terrisa will help me…

*Ha! “Suck” doesn’t describe my inadequacy accurately. It turns out that W, the ShibuiKnits tech editor had to spend 11 hours(!) on my last BIG pattern.


  1. PURTY! (and adorable!)

    It’s pretty much proven (at least for me as well) that editing others [even with ignorance on the topic] is loads easier than editing yourself.


  2. I really need to learn how to spin. I have a wheel that I bought at a thrift store and lugged all the way to Portland from San Diego! I just can’t take lessons when I’m working 70 hours per week between Twisted and Knit Picks. But pay days are fun when you are working tons of hours.

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