Yesterday was a strange, yet glorious, day. It was the second day of the Blue Moon scavenger hunt and there were knitters all over town making the Muggles confused. I got presented with more tea and hot chocolate than I could drink.

Making it even weirder, I helped both Terrisa and Jenni “hunt”, mostly be taking photos of them. We managed to amuse quite a group at The Annex, when we got the bartender to pose with a McMenamins beer and Terrisa’s traveling sock (she’ll probably be posting about all this here, eventually). We even managed to pick up some goodies for the Harlot before we went to see her at the World Forestry Center:

  • 2 McMenamins beers
  • 1 lb of Stumptown coffee, ground up for hotel drips (the Harlot informed us that she knew how to make a coffee filter from toilet paper when the coffee fumes overcame her)
  • a Cacoa sampler
  • 4 skeins of Shibui yarn
  • 1 ShibuiKnits pattern by a local designer (me, actually, but I take no credit for it going into the package)

The MAX actually had a couple of knitters on their way to the event, so we got to freak out the Muggles a little bit more. Terrisa and I met up with K, a knitter friend from No Mean Feet!, who was having a Pre-Harlot event that was loads of fun. Hint: it involved YARN. I love knitters.

I forgot to take pictures of the 3 skeins of STR Lightweight in “Knitters Without Borders” I got with my book – I bought 1 of the skeins for the SKA’s upcoming International Event. Bad me, no photo. I’ll take one later. I wanna make knee-highs with the other 2.

From there we went into the crowd, and got seats:


Over 300 knitters in one place – it was fantastic! There was actually enough seating this time because Blue Moon put on the event, not some Muggles at Powells. Stephanie, of course, gave a wonderful talk about all sorts of things, which I shan’t tell you – you need to see her in person. It’s totally worth any trip. Really.

Next was the really, ah, inexplicable part. Terrisa and I got it into our heads to do something… different. To keep Steph from freaking out, we gave her our bribe and asked for the normal things:

an autograph…


a photo with my traveling sock…


And a group photo…


Which, oh yeah, is where our inexplicable knitting behavior came in. Terrisa wanted to get Stephanie to pose with us in the traditional Charlie’s Angels line-up. I stipulated that it had to be knitting-themed. Instead of guns, Terrisa has her traveling socks. Stephanie had her sock in place of a hand radio. And I held a skein rather than karate-chopping. In the background you can see Bob straining to hold our “fiery backdrop” up, which was really the shop’s Big Bad Baby Blanket. It didn’t quite fit.

I thought the crowd was going to die, they were laughing so hard. Hell, I was laughing my @ss off. Hopefully we didn’t scare Steph permanently away from Portland.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. And explained why I got home near midnight and was half dead when I went in to work today. After maybe 6 hours of sleep and a long day with bad weather I got home this evening and was greeted by a tree on my lawn, blocking the path to the house and the sidewalk. After climbing over it, swearing a lot, and getting into the house, I took this to prove what a weird thing life can be:

Yay. Luckily, the Urban Forester, whomever he is, came by and fixed it whilst I took a nap. Thank goodness.


So now everything is (mostly) back to normal and stuff. I kind of don’t know where to go with this post now. Yesterday was fantastic, today not so much. That about sums it up. I’ll post some yarn and WIP shots later, honest. I’ve finished the first of the Distracted socks :) The Harlot is holding it’s mate IP.

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