The day started out so well. Sunny and warm and not raining. I met Opus downtown for breakfast and Peet’s even had Jasmine Lime tea again for spring. We headed over to the store for the Oleana Trunk Show. Oleana is a Norwegian fashion house, and all it’s garments are designed by Solveig Hisdal, author of Poetry in Stitches. All her knitwear is just exquisite.


I’m not certain I’m allowed to publish photos on the web (flickr friends can look at them), but the display outside the store should be okay.

Anyway. After trying several of the garments on, we took down sizes and styles and went on our merry way (the store was packed). We decided to hit Saturday Market, since I had never seen the Spoonman’s booth. Opus was a good sport and introduced her sock to all of the spoons:


But soon we started to have Eugene flashbacks and escaped the throng. That’s where things went, hmm, not sour. Maybe a bit tart. After we hopped on and off the MAX, we started walking in the direction of Twisted and I, being me, took a hard fall off of a curb.

Opus walked and I limped to Twisted, and I refused to even look at the mess my knee was until I was sitting down somewhere.

Ick. Thank goodness they had a first aid kit and Ibuprofen. I sat down, got help cleaning and bandaging the mess, and decided that knitting on the couch was looking good (Opus and I had talked about finding a park and knitting in the sun). So I CO these:


My Sockdown: April! project. Jeanie Townsend’s “Pretty Petals” socks, with Knitted Wit’s Superwash Merino fingering in “1970’s Locker Room”. It’s looking really, really cool.

Still, even with my leg propped up and my knitting to console me, my knee started to swell (and bleed through the bandages) painfully. Eventually, I bought some comfort yarn (a skein of Chewy Spaghetti’s Spaghettoni in “Vainglorious”) and went home.

After keeping my knee up for a while, some of the swelling has come down, but I won’t be walking very far any time soon. I guess I’ll just have to sit here and knit.

Wait… that’s not too bad for a silver lining :)

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