I was so angry yesterday, I had this tirade building up in my head that just needed to be released. Of course, people being people, today I was shown that maybe mankind isn’t completely worthless.

As Opus often says, traveling via TriMet is often enough to make you give up on people entirely. The sheer, unadulterated selfishness one witnesses can be staggering. People taking up two or three seats (usually using a briefcase or bag to suit this purpose) because they don’t want to have to sit next to someone on a crowded bus during rush hour. Young, healthy individuals ignoring elders and young mothers who need their seats more than they do.

I mean, really, what happened to common courtesy? I immediately get up and offer my seat to elders, young mothers or people who look indisposed in some way. Wouldn’t you? Weren’t we all raised to “do the right thing”?

Apparently not.

But, lest we get cynical, it is apparent that some people were “raised right”. (Can you totally tell I was brought up in the South?)

This morning, as I traversed the deep and murky waters of public transportation, a young mother with a toddler and itty-bitty baby got on the bus. There weren’t any seats in the front (not that anyone were going to give up, anyway), so she made her way to the back of the bus. I noticed that the seat across the aisle from me was empty, so I jumped up and intended to offer her my seat so her son could sit opposite her. Well, apparently this wasn’t just my idea. The man opposite scooted over, the man next to me got up, and we all managed to rearrange ourselves neatly by the time the family got to our bench that they could sit down without a fuss.

And all this was done without any of us saying a single word to each other.

Well, the nice young mother said “thank you” :)

Then, this afternoon, as I was hopping on the MAX, a group of people rushed to get up and out of the Priority Seating area – even locking the benches upright – so a wheelchair-bound passenger and her aid dog could fit in comfortably.

Maybe there’s some hope left for us after all.


  1. :D This gives me such a wonderful happy hopeful fuzzy feeling. Rarely do I see this happen in NYC (but it seems to happy more on the buses than the trains).

  2. As a fellow trimet rider I can relate. Especially about the part of people not giving up seats! It wasn’t until I unzipped my jacket and people would look at how big my pregnant belly was that I would be offered a seat. And then it was by elderly men that shouldn’t be getting up for me! grrr

  3. Every now and then I see things like that too, proof that some other people, at least, were raised to be polite and considerate of others. It gives me hope.

  4. I have to admit I have been known to take up an extra seat on MAX (there are some people I would prefer to not have to sit next to). I will move over if I notice the train getting really full, but thanks for the reminder to be more polite to fellow Tri-Met riders.

  5. I was on the other side last year. Crutches are a pain on Tri Met– Thanks to the people who got up from the front seat the several times I was on the Bus 33.

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