On Saturday, Latern Moon had it’s annual warehouse sale. I found out about it the day before, called Opus, and made plans to travel in NoPo. We even managed to catch the right bus on the way into the wilds and get off on the right stop. That should have warned us that things were setting up for some sort of disaster.

The sale was fantastic. Remind me to post pictures of what I got laters. Once we’d bought too much and packed up, we went out to the closest (we thought) stop and waited. And waited. And waited. Two buses went by in the opposite direction. Finally, oh finally, through rain and wind and marsh grass (I guess) a bus arrived.

We weren’t expecting where it took us. I asked the driver, is this the way back into town? Yes, it was. Just with a little detour.

A bit surprised, we ended up at the Columbia Rive Correctional Institution:


So I show the sock where bad socks go. It was much better behaved after that.

Once we were noticeably heading back into town (cue deep sigh of relief), we jumped off at the Kennedy School McMennamins. This has to be one of the most interesting McMennamins I’ve been to yet. A WWII-era school that was converted into a restaurant, brewery, theater and hotel – all in one place. Very cool. Opus and I were disappointed to discover we’d arrived just a little too late for the next show, so we ate at the bar and admired the scenery:

The sock really enjoyed the glassware everywhere

After eating and drinking and wandering around, we hopped back on another bus on it’s way back from the local prison, only to jump off across the street from Twisted. Where, again, we both spent too much money.

Oh, alright, not too much. It was only one skein of STR Mediumweight in “Backstabber”. Gawds, I’ve been wanting that color for sooooo long and they had it right there and it was evil and whispering things to me. Ack. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it – yet.

And that was (basically) everything. Our trips home were practically anticlimactic.


  1. You were all over my neighborhood! I almost worked at the sailboat place next to the Lantern Moon factory as a sail builder, but then I was hired at Twisted. Actually, I’m not at Twisted anymore, so I’m looking for other jobs in Portland at the moment. I never heard about Lantern Moon’s warehouse sale, I feel like I’m always catching up to things in Portland.

  2. Wow. It seems like such a fibrey wonderful weekend (MDSWF on the East Coast, several great events in Portland). YAY! At least my wallet liked the attention I gave it. Though it’s not happy at all now that I’m back home and trying to watch the budget.

    I skipped on the STR and am not sure how I feel about that. The line was short and it was (of course) gorgeous. *sigh*

  3. One of my favorite things about the Kennedy School is in the main restaurant there is a great painting of the school and a person and a bunch of sheep. I love that painting so much. If I recall correctly, it’s an homage to some famous person who came to Portland and herded sheep before becoming famous. I wish I could remember who now though!

  4. That colourway is my first and only skein of STR – I am hoarding it forever, cos I don’t think I will ever be able to afford another skein! Unless I open up my own yarn shop in Aussie and import it!

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