that I was never intended to be a professional photographer:

April 2008

Yeah, my mad skills are showing their crazy side.

Moving on. The socks above are my Sockdown: April! entry. Umm. They were knit with Knitted Wit’s Superwash Merino Fingering yarn, using Jean Townsend’s Pretty Petals Socks pattern. Not to be snarky, but I would really change the name of that pattern if I could. The stitch pattern makes me think of scales, honestly. I like the socks a lot and had to make a few pattern modifications, but nothing overwhelming.

And, while I can finally rejoice in the fact that the Sock Club is fully off the ground, I will only be able to sleep soundly once everyone (dyers and designers alike) have actually sent me their signed contracts back. Verbal consent still leaves me with some anxiety, oddly enough. D’you hear that, you guys? You’re affecting my sleep. Hint, hint.

Sadly, on this subject, Terrisa and I lost our bet with Sandy B at work. We bet her that we could sell out the Club by today. Er. Not so much. We have only 135 spots left, but that doesn’t offer us much consolation since we have to buy her much in the way of alcohol as the losers :P

Of course, the Bosses are so excited by the success of the Club that now they want me to organize a Lace Club for next year. I agreed to try, but have absolutely no idea how to go about it. Maybe it’ll come to me in a dream.

Hm. Time to work on Mum’s Mother’s Day Socks – yes, they weren’t done yesterday. I, uh, ruined the surprise by letting her see them in progress, though. No picture. I gave up on trying to make my camera work after the first 20 or so crap pictures. I guess you’ll just have the believe me when I tell you that I’m past the heels on ’em :)


  1. Well, I already dye 3 very beautiful lace yarns: wool lace, alpaca lace, and silk lace. So pretty… =)

    A lace club would be fun =)

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