Working full-time. Cleaning for your sister and neice’s visit. Designing and knitting several projects at once. Preparing for a Guild meeting tomorrow. Sorting crap.

I cleaned up my bedroom in an extreme way today, so A and baby T would have space for her travel crib and luggage and everything else that follows a young mother and toddler whilst traveling. Which means half of my stash has been thrown into the garage (can you feel my panic? do moths like garages??) with half of my library. Ugh.

But enough of that. Lemme see. In the past two weeks I have CO:


  • A Euroflax top-down raglan cardigan that is quite literally being designed as it is knit.
  • 2 Koigu socks in P418 (LOVE it so much right now)
  • A ShibuiKnits felted scarf swatch that totally bombed (no photo, it was completely embarassing how bad that turned out)
  • A Baby Court Jester hat for baby T, with Great Big Sea in “Autumn”. (OMG this yarn is sinful.)

I’m sorry I don’t have pictures for half of these things. I’ll work on that.

And, of course, I’ve also been working on previous wips. The rose-colored sock (another possible Sockdown: June! entry) is doing well. We both survived a heel that was… interesting. I may have been mad when I wrote this pattern down. Or I can’t read my own short-hand.

It’s even odds, really.

All of this (see above) has been happening in the background. The foreground has been work, work, more work, and arranging a Sock Scavenger Hunt.

But, good news, what with all the hours I’ve been putting in, I bought myself a pick-me-up this morning – a pair of Mephisto sandals. Yummy. This winter I bought myself these* as a treat (I completely forgot to blog about that, sorry) and remembered last week how much it cheered me up.

New shoes are happy making.

Now, I hate to end the post on a truly consumeristic note… but I’m kinda tired and can’t think of anything else to write. At least it was a positive consumeristic note, that involved something not Made In China and not produced by sweatshop labor.

Guilt-free is also happy making.

And now I must retire to bed. Tomorrow I have to get up early and brave the Boonies.

*Yes, in the red, baby.

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  1. The green (aka”Mallard”) is pretty but what I want to know is…What is your friend knitting in the background??

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