You know that, on several different occassions, you have put something important somewhere strange stupid safe and then couldn’t find it ever again for a while. Yet, over and over, you do it.

I know you do it because I have heard of this from other people and because I never can find anything because I always put it “somewhere safe”.

Which means, if one examines that statement too closely, I am not to be trusted. Especially by myself.

About two months ago I got a DPN roll-case-thingy and put all the DPNs I own (that I wasn’t using at the time) in it and proceeded to lose it put it “somewhere safe”.

I kind of finally understand ancient Catholic practice of self-flagellation. I simply cannot believe that even I could be this stupid. The room has since been torn apart twice, the stash resorted and rearranged (it would make sense to put the needles with the yarn, right??), and every needle I can find has been put in my other three* needle cases (my original needle roll, my travel case and my circulars box).

<insert expletitive here>

Just shoot me.

*Yes, I would (if I could actually find my DPN case) have FOUR knitting needle cases. No, even I am not certain why I should have that many.


  1. Yup, I cleaned up the other day because I needed some space to do some sewing and later, couldn’t find my knitting journal anywhere. The one with all my cheat notes. Argh. Finally found it in my beach bag???! WTF?

  2. I found you as a moderator of the sock group on ravelry. I have a quick question, which apparently I should not be bothering you with , as you work full time AND had to clean for your houseguests.
    But Im asking: sorry. Is it okay to knit a pair of socks with a decadent angora wool blend? Of course they need to be handwashed and radioator dried. But will this yarn work nicely for a pair of socks?

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