No. Seriously.

Top this:


Or this:


Ha. You so can’t.

If you haven’t guessed (and why would you when I haven’t given you any clues…) my sister A and her too-adorable daughter, T, are visiting us this weekend. The thought of this very weekend has sustained me many a horrible day (too little sleep, too little food, crazy people everywhere, etc) for many a week now.

This morning, because I am the only actual adult in a family of adults, I dragged everyone’s sorry arses out of bed to sanitize the house for their visit. Literally 15 minutes before we had to leave for the airport – we were done. It’s a good thing I didn’t sleep in.

After eating lunch and catching up, some of us took naps (mostly mothers and daughters). Then I took the girls up Mt Tabor (see above). They loved it. Mt Tabor is one of my favorite places to take visitors, since you can see both Mt Hood and downtown Portland from the “summit” of the mountain. Really cool.

T wasn’t too impressed with the view, but she did like their children’s park:


Yes, A is holding one of my traveling socks. I love my family.

After that was dinner, book time, a disastrous bath (just don’t ask), and bedtime. (Oh, and Penny? Those ducky finger-puppers went over a treat this evening when T was getting ready for bed. Thank you!)

At some point today I managed to take some IP shots of various WIPs. I was going to put them up, but now I’m feeling lazy. They’re on my ravelry notebook now and my flickr account. Up and amongst them are two projects I’m proud of: 1) a muffin cap that I wrote up the pattern for, and 2) my attempt at a SKIF sweater for Knit Purl’s Summer SKIF KAL.

Terrisa and I have been plotting this for months. Now, admittedly, I did CO a bit early. But I wanted to, ah, test-run the pattern. Right. That’s why. Not because the yarn was tempting me cruelly with it’s creamy softness. Or the pattern’s funkiness. Nah. I’m just being a responsible employee.


But that’s everything I can think of right now. A bit tired from all the cleaning and running around and knitting stuff. Well, maybe not from the knitting.

*And I’m saying this as a completely impartial, uninvolved, judge. Really.

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  1. Yup, that’s one cute niece and I have the perfect cutest nephew in your part of the world for her when she’s ready! A nice Jewish boy too :)

    Your sis has the cutest dimples :)

    Um, what the heck is a skif?

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