Long day. All day, if it could break… it did. More than once. Clearly we have gremlins.

A lot of them.

Had “No Mean Feet” tonight. Record numbers showed. Lots of fun. I showed off my first finished DYO (Sockdown: June!) sock:


It was admired muchly. I apologize for the crappy photo quality.

And here’s a photo of the group (just so’s you know I didn’t make this up):


Which, ha!, I took before 3 more people showed. We kinda ran out of chairs at that point. It was a great evening and nearly made up for the craziness of the morning and afternoon.

Now I must go to bed. Real quick, if you live in/ near Portland – try Mercato (near Powell’s). They have the best gelato I’ve had outside of Italy.

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  1. I think I’ve been to that gelato place, randomly enough. Nicole (my girlfriend) and I went up to Portland after a trip to Tillamook, and visited a friend of hers. we met up at Powell’s and afterwards we had dinner at some sort of taqueria, then gelato down the street… and I think it was prob the same place. it was quite good, and the first gelato I’d ever had! Needless to say, I enjoy it when I have it down here now in San Francisco. :)

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