Thank you everyone for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. Emm has been healing much faster than we had any reason to hope for, so I really think you all helped. In fact, during an emergency meeting with The Dr (Emm was discomfited by the Scleral Buckle around his left eye), we were overjoyed to find out that Emm is starting to regain vision in his right eye – the one where the retina had all but detached completely.

I have to admit that on entirely selfish level I am pathetically grateful Emm doesn’t require round the clock care anymore. Aside from it being phyisically and emotionally draining, it was affecting both my personal and professional lives. I had to cut back hours at work, which meant I got less done – meaning I’m not on the schedule I’d like to be right now. Don’t even ask me about the Sock Club. It’s just embarrassing. And as for that Shibui baby set I promised? Forget about it.

As for my home life? Oy. I feel bad cutting my friends off and even rejecting “quality” time with the family. But, heck, between work, Emm’s care, cleaning (‘nother oy), and sleeping (sleep comes before food with me), things have fallen behind at home as well. Don’t inquire about the laundry, dishes or bathroom. I counted it a major personal victory when I managed to vacuum the house while Emm was taking his afternoon nap today. If I’m lucky, I’ll even manage a load of laundry before bed. (Before you ask, Mum’s had to go back to working FT and Dad is almost 70 – as the youngest and the healthiest, things naturally fall to me to get done at all.)

And as for my personal life? I would be a little ashamed of how I’ve abandoned my responsibilities on ravelry, if not for my fantastic mods who’ve managed to keep everything in the SKA running beautifully without me. Bless them.  I did, to assuage my guilt, spend a couple hours on ravelry this evening catching up with as much of my responsibilities as I could.  Hopefully that’ll be enough for now.  If I’m really lucky, I’ll even manage to wrap up the Scavenger Hunt prizes by the end of this week.

Anyway.  Yesterday was the first full day I have taken off for myself in… well, weeks, really. Even before Emm’s surgery there were so many other things to be done. In any case, I spent the day with Opus – we decided to be lazy and knit (which doesn’t really count as lazy):

On our way from one reclining spot to another, we paused to admire the work of dozens of sand castle enthusiasts during Sand In The City:

sand in the city 2008

Even in the cold and the mist, they were still going strong. Admirable, if entirely crazy to my mind as we shivered (it’s July!! Where is my 90F weather??) while we waited for the MAX. From there we crashed for some time on Twisted’s couch (comfiest couch on the East Side), and I worked on this:

Button-Back 2

My continuing effort for the SKIF KAL.

(check out the revised badge:)

Amazingly enough, this sweater still continues to draw me. I’m nearly done with the body (1.5″ to go!!) and am seriously looking forward to the sleeves. Very fun. I can’t wait, with a glee that surprises me, to finish it with a sewing machine. I also (cue blush) bought yarn to maybe make another. Someone just stop me.

Uh oh. My laptop battery is about to die, which means I’ve been on here for too long anyway. Time to wrap this up. Thank you, again, to everyone who sent positive wishes and prayers and thoughts our way! We truly do appreciate all your care. Now, I’ve got to go and battle the dirty-laundry monster. Until next time, happy knitting!


  1. I was in that crowd of people at Sand in the City! 6 hours to build a sand sculpture is a little nuts, but it was a blast and I can’t wait until my company gets our team together for next year. The weather was perfect, compared with the 90 degrees we had practiced in the weeks before. :-)

    Hope to see you at Twisted again soon!

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