No, I don’t think I did.  A couple of weeks ago, while I was still on the Doxycycline, A & K came to visit – and they, of course, brought baby T.  Who is really toddler T, now.   They were participating in the Great Urban Race for Portland.  And, because I was on antibiotics and completely unfocused, I didn’t get any photos of them on Friday or during the race on Saturday.  Waaah!

I did manage, after a nap, to snap a couple of shots Saturday evening while we watched toddler T for the adults.  First when we took T up to Mt Tabor’s playground – which T didn’t seem very interested in.  She was more curious about the path leading up the mountain.  Mum decided it would be fun to teach T how to stomp on pine cones…

Crunching pinecones

I’m sure you can guess how much a toddler loves that. Oy. It wore her out, though, which might have been Mum’s ulterior motive.  Or not, Mum seemed to enjoy stomping on them, too.

Back at home, Emm seemed to be able to captivate her the most:


Especially his beard:

Tegan & Emm's beard

Which, I’ll admit, I find hilarious. K & A swear that she does this with her other uncles, too.

And, of course, I got a shot of Grandpa and T together – the two of them had a ball.

Grandpa & Tegan

Well, okay, we all did. I really wish I’d managed to snap a shot of T running around the house with the Powell’s t-shirt we’d got her on her head like a Pharaoh’s Nemes headcloth.  That was great.

All in all, it was a fantastic visit.  The girls did very well in the race – came in 10th!  I was very proud of myself for being helpful on 6 hours of sleep and a nasty dose of antibiotics.

Next?  Time to leave for OFF&F in a few.  Need to grab breakfast.  I’m bring the camera, honest, and plan on getting tons of photos – and fiber and yarn :)

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  1. :) She’s yummy and cute and makes me want to find some pinecones to stomp on … (it’s been pouring the past two days so it wouldn’t be very fun).

    hope that OFF&F was fun! :)

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