I realised yesterday that I hadn’t posted on Wednesday.  I was confused and annoyed with myself, until I figured out that I had mentally skipped Wednesday.  How?, you ask.  Well, on Wednesday I was convinced it was Tuesday.  To the point that I was really perplexed as to why one of my favorite shows wasn’t on TV. ‘Kay.  Then, I somehow managed to skip a day, because I totally wasn’t confused that Thursday was Thursday on Thursday.

How strange is that?

I mean, it was a totally crazy week and I’m sure part of this was due to sleep deprivation, but really.  How on earth does the mind convince itself of something like this?


What I want to know is: why did I try and do-over Tuesday?

Anyway.  I’ll have an update tonight or tomorrow.  Honest.  Tons of stuff to cover. But now I gotta get around to meet Opus.

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