I can’t believe it’s Sunday already, but time seems to be moving faster and faster these days. Yesterday, I went with Opus on a little outing to Cartlon. To visit Woodland Woolworks. I’m slowly progressing on my Seraphim shawl, and desperately need blocking wires. Luckily, they had them in stock (no, I didn’t call ahead), so I can block the shawl when the time comes.

Which will hopefully be before Miriam Felton arrives for her upcoming lace workshops, since we’re hoping to set up a display of lace garments to show off her designs.

And, because I’m teaching a class on handspinning in November (the same time as Miriam’s visit, actually), I’ve been stocking up on handspun yarn for both display and teaching purposes:

chartreuse handspun

Above is 4oz of Blue-faced Leicester, dyed by Abstract Fiber in the color “Chartreuse”. I think it’s a sport weight (haven’t checked the yardage yet), and should be destined for something lovely… eventually.

I have so many designs in my head, it’s getting a little distracting.

Anyway.  Just looked at the clock – 10:30 pm!  Have to go to bed now, gotta go to work early tomorrow.  Before I climb into bed, here’s a photo of Laurelhurst Park I took this afternoon:

Laurelhurst tree



  1. I still haven’t finished my Juno Regina, but I did knit her Aspen Shawl over the summer. I wanted to come up to take her workshop but I don’t think it will happen.

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