I finished my Seraphim Shawl this morning, and spent a good hour with foam board, blocking wires and a few dozen t-pins. It’s funny, I’ve knit and blocked lace before, but it’s true – the change in the piece is shocking every time. I was so certain that my shawl wouldn’t match the finished dimensions on the pattern, but dutifully purchased enough foam board at Art Media yesterday, and was rewarded for my troubles:

seraphim shawl

Still slightly shocked, though, since it was so tiny before blocking.

Can you believe it?  I actually managed to get the shawl done two weeks before Miriam’s visitI almost can’t.  I think I’m going to reward myself with a registration in her Introduction to Lace Designworkshop.  I realised last night that there’s been a lace shawl in my design notebook for nearly a year now, but I’m hung up on a couple of ways to adapt the patterns.  It should be fun.

I got the idea to use foam board for blocking the shawl after sitting in on Catherine Lowe’s mini blocking workshop at the store.  Learned a lot about blocking garments in an exact fashion.  Very useful for lace.

And, uh, I have something to confess.  I’ve lost my digital camera.  Which is why I have no pictures of other projects or the pretty Autumn leaves or life in general.  I took the above photo with my phone.  Sooo, it looks like I might have to invest in a new camera soon.  Until then, please forgive the crap photos that’ll be showing up here for awhile.

A lot is going on.  Or, rather, is continuing to go on.  I’ve accrued so much overtime in the past week that I’m taking Wednesday off.  Which is causing me to panic slightly because the November Sock Club shipments will start going out on Thursday.  Ack.  It’s not that I don’t trust my coworkers.  I do.  I’m seriously worried about there being enough hands on deck come mid-week.

In non-work news… uh, I don’t have much.  My inbox is terrifying, I’m working on two sock patterns, a cowl (no, make that two) pattern, and still trying to design a cabled hoody but am being distracted by another hoody that I don’t have the yarn for (yet).

Just give me time.


  1. Woman!! I’ve been working on mine for over a year and I still am only in the middle of the second chart. Ok ok, I’m working with two strands and I knit on it maybe once every other fortnight …

    {hugs} miss you. know i’m here if you need …

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