I’d blame Opus, since she does tend to be a bad influence on me, but she wasn’t entirely responsible for our tour of the Pearl yesterday.  We met just before noon at Peet’s, and spent a couple of hours sketching out stitch patterns, showing off recent FOs, and winding a honking huge ball of ShibuiKnits Highland Wool Alpaca:

Monster Ball o' Yarn

(I don’t know what Opus is staring at there…)

I wish I could say I’d used a special lens or something to make it seem bigger, but it really is that big. If I’m lucky, and not insane (designing is a chancy business), this might just become a scarf.  We stopped by Knit Purl, where I snuck in and updated the website, and grabbed some needles for the Monster Ball O’ Yarn to be knit on.  I went down a needle size, which I’ll probably regret, but the size 13s looked like something Buffy would carry in her backpack.

From there we hit Anthropology (baaad idea) and moved onto lunch.  I love Noodles, it must be said, they didn’t care that we sat for at least an hour after lunch just knitting (and even wished us good luck with our socks when we left).  Businesses like that are in short supply.

From there wandered further into the Pearl in search of dessert and another place to perch ‘n’ knit and had to stop by 10,000 villages.  Since their garden entrance looked so pretty, it had to be photographed:

Walkway in the Pearl

Love them.  They have fair trade chocolate (among other wares).

Next on the list was Tanner Springs Park.  I was hoping to tickle the fish in the pond…


Only to be caught in a sudden downpour.  So unfair :P  Luckily, across the street is Dublin Bay, which is warm and dry and filled with wool.  Can’t be a bad place to duck into.  Unless, of course, you’re trying not to buy any more yarn until destashing a bit.


As much as I liked several of the yarns there, none of them caught me, until I stumbled upon Fleece Artist’s Blue-faced Leicester 2/8 in “Ivory”, one of my favorite semi-solids…


With 1000m/ 250g, I think it’ll make a fantastic Icarus.  It’s so soft and spongy and lofty, it’s just perfect for a lace shawl.  Not that I’ll be casting it on anytime soon, admittedly, but it’s nice to have in the stash.

In other news?  I voted last night.  Got another Newsletter out on Friday night – had to stay until 8pm to get it done.  The local release of the November sock kit for local Club members is tomorrow (squee!  I finally get to play with the yarn I’ve been coveting for 6 months).  Bought a copy of “It Itches” and love it!  Franklin is always hilarious.  Aaand, Mom’s black socks (STR Ravencroft) are almost done, from which I have a few modifications to add to the pattern.  Yesterday’s knitting time was well-spent.  All I have left is the ribbing on the cuff.

Which I’d like to do today.  Ja ne!

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  1. Woman !!! That icarus-to-be is gorgeous. and please stop tempting me with everything at knit/purl i want it all!! asit is i’m about to do a massive destash b/c there is no more room.

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