I’m beginning to feel like a deadbeat blogger.  I suck at this whole timely posting thing lately.  Last Wednesday I was kidnapped by Opus after ditching her the night before the election to make up for, you know, ditching her.

Okay, I was kidnapped by my relatives on the 3rd, but that’s another story.  Opus understood, I think.

Anyway.  Instead of coming home and blogging, we went out to a bar and I had some medicinal liquor.  Seriously.  The night after Obama won?  I needed the alcohol.  We were freaking out and partying until the wee hours of the night and I had such a headache come Wednesday morning.

Anyway.  Because I was low on sleep and my blood-alcohol content was a bit higher than normal, I made the weirdest connexion and had to take a really awful camera-phone shot:


My latest design matched my margarita.

How odd is that?

Anyway.  Then this weekend came and, well, Miriam Felton was in town.  Saturday was spent catching up on all the sleep I missed this week and selecting a series of lace motifs I wanted to use the next day.  Sunday was awesome.  I was in a room with 8 other lace freaks for 6 hours and we had such a time.

I ended up with two halves of two patterns for two different shawls.   If that makes any sense, I’m shocked.  But Miriam liked my craziest pattern (a “modern” Shetland stole) enough to take a picture of the chart.  I’m maybe a third of the way through the design process.  Then I have to pick yarn.  Eeek!

To alleviate that stress (and pretend I didn’t chart another lace project in the class that I’m ignoring for the time being), I pulled out this monster.  Remember “this”?

This is my shame.  80% of a sweater, practically, has been sitting in my WIP basket for over a year.  A whole darn year I have had a back, two sleeves, and half a front.

Strangely enough, time and space really does make the heart (and hands) fonder.  6.5 sts/ inch?  Miles of stockinette?  Using pure silk yarn I’m afraid to touch until I’ve washed my hands?  Oh, it’s pure heaven after a year of wool, cotton and blends.  I’m actually enjoying this a lot.  A statement that can be proven with 4″ of front that wasn’t there yesterday.  Wow.

Maybe I’ll get most of the front done on Wednesday.  Opus and I both have the day off and will be taking off for the coast (woot!) to see Oddwater and just get into mischief.  I can’t wait.  A whole day off that won’t be entirely devoted to cleaning, designing (smite me, I said it), or laundry.

Speaking of laundry… I don’t have a clean pair of jeans for my spinning class tomorrow night.  I’m teaching the ladies how to card a fleece and will definitely be needing jeans for that lesson.  Better get on that now.  I’ll be back in a couple of days with funky fish photos and maybe some substantial progress to report.  Toodles.

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