Okay, not so much.  Had Phở for dinner. I remember reading that Vietnamese cooks use almost the entire cow to make the fantastic beef broth. And, y’know, after eating a large bowl of the stuff… I almost feel like I just ate a cow.

Kinda want to act like a lion on the Savannah now, and go lay down under a tree for a couple of days.

Can’t do that though, cause I got stuff to do tonight.*

Let’s see, let’s see… the most important of the stuff. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for your birthday wishes and kind words this past week. This has been one of the better birthdays of the past 5 years, and I really appreciate your affection.

Coolest (un)birthday gift? My own KnitPurlzi!



Opus’ Dad made it for me (technically). We’ve commissioned several (beautifully) hand-turned knitting accessories to carry exclusively at the store.  He brought in the DPN case prototype for me to have and pet and use and abuse on my birthday.  How awesome was that?  He totally wins major brownie points for that.

For those of your with inquiring minds, it is based off of the Knitzi, but we’re going crazy with the exotic woods and hand-turning (once we get the design hammered out, so to speak).  The case is Black Walnut and the cap is spalted (I think) Maple.  Just awesome.  When I pulled it out to show it off at “No Mean Feet!”, I had to watch it closely.


I also have to go and draw the Sockdown: October! prizes in a mo’ (big “thank you” to Debi for reminding me), but I thought I might mention that I did submit my Absinthe Socks for publication (friends can see really bad pictures here), just finished another pattern for the store and am working on another sock pattern that should be fun.  So, really, I wasn’t lying in my last post.  Ha!

In not-my-design knitting, we have a nearly-finished Skif on hand and a fully finished Ana Bandana.  Gotta make me another one of those.

But right now, I have to go and draw those prizes.  Otherwise I’ll have 5,000+ annoyed sock knitters after me…

* Not to mention I live in a temperate rainforest and it’s really wet on the ground right now, ick.
** Yes, I totally used three exclamation points. Report me to Terry Pratchett, if you dare.

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