Honest to goodness I take it all back. Every single comment I made, every wistful sigh, every single thought about how we don’t get enough snow in Oregon over the past eight years. Seriously.  I mean it.  I was wrong, I admit it and I take it all back.

Now, can someone take back all this bloody snow?  It’s getting ridiculous.

Truly, I tried to get to work today. Not being totally foolish, I decided to check TriMet’s website for upcoming arrivals. Hah. The 15 wasn’t running in my neighborhood and the 4 had no schedule arrivals. Whoo. Two feet of snow will do that, I guess.


You might guess that I called in to report I wouldn’t be making it. I still haven’t figured out how Sandy B made it in. We tried to get the CRV out (chains and 4WD and all) and it just didn’t work.  The snow was way too high and just too much in general.

This afternoon, in a moment of desperation (you try being snowed in for THREE DAYS straight in a house this small, I dare you) Dad and I decided to trek to the neighborhood store. Bless them for being open. The walk is little over half a mile, but it took us at least half an hour to get there. On the way, honest, I saw a person on cross-country skis and a another on a snowmobile.

I am absolutely dreading tomorrow morning at the moment. The ‘rents are trying to talk me out of attempting the Portland 2008 Ididerod, but I might just crack if I have to spend a whole day here again with three sick people. This is worse than any quarantine.

To top it off, I have Gina’s finished socks to bring in and, well, give to her and I just ran out of my prescription. Yay. I haven’t even considered what it’ll take to get to the pharmacy. Maybe I should try tying Charlie to a sled.

Yeah. That sounds likely to succeed.

Moving on. Saw this quiz on Leslie’s blog and had to take it:

You Are an Argyle Sweater

You are contemplative, brainy, and serious.

You don’t take much lightly – life is too important for that.

You are a very determined person. You don’t let anything stand in your way.

You think out your actions and act deliberately. You don’t waste time, money, or resources.

As someone who has never worn argyle, I must admit I find it funny.

{{sigh}} I have to go to bed now.  It’s after 11pm and I need to get up early to brave the frozen wasteland.  Toodles.

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