All that white stuff that was covering everything?


It’s GONE.

YAAAY! Of course, I freely admit that I/ we didn’t suffer even a 1 on the 1-10 scale of snowed-in horror stories.  We had power, we had water and (thank you, Fates) we DIDN’T have a house full of relatives over for the holidays.

But, since the snow finallyfinally melted last night, I met up with Opus at Peet’s this afternoon:


(Who was, arguably, in a worse situation than me with all the white stuff floating around.)

While there I cast on Dylan’s Brainmoster (also ‘finally’) because I (finally) got gauge on the third try.  The yarn is ShibuiKnits Merino Worsted in “Dragonfly”.  Loving knitting with it so far.  S’yummy.

Other than that?  Laundry, too many WIPs, and workworkwork.  S’all good.  Well, reasonably.

Anyway, have to go back to the laundry, but I promise to take the new digicam out and have some fun soon.  Also, I’ll get my pattern-writing skills together and come up with some rough drafts that’ll need testing.

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