Two posts in two days.  It’s probably not going to become a habit, though.

Let’s see…  so many projects, so little time.  I probably should mention that it snowed again on Friday night.  No, I’m not cranky about how frigidly cold it is right now at all.  There’s even some of that really cold white stuff lying around the yard where anyone might step in it.

more blasted white stuff

Still not in love with it.  Maybe if it wasn’t so slippery every morning.  Anyway, back to the knitting.  I’m halfway through this scarf:


… which is going to be a pattern for the Simple Knits collection at the store.  I think.  Using the new Sheep One by Sheep Shop Yarn.  Can’t remember what color it is.  The yarn itself is quite nice.  Somewhere between Manos and Malabrigo in softness and weight.  I might use it again for myself.

Next is the second Ana Bandana I’m making with Silk Maiden…

Perifot Ana Bandana wip

In Peridot.  It glimmers and shimmers and just looks sooooo pretty.  This yarn is awesome.  I want to roll in it, quite honestly.

And lastly, for our OTN update, we have a pair of socks (shocker there, I’m certain):

Tweedy socks

In ShibuiKnits Sock, color “Tweed”.  Loving it.  Always love Sock, really.  The pattern?  Who knows what’ll happen.

While I was out in the sunlight (a rare occasion in Oregon during the winter, to be sure), I snapped some shots of a new Japanese knitting book I got yesterday:

New Style of Heirloom Knitting

“New Styles of Heirloom Knitting”.  Really awesome book that features traditional Aran, Shetland and Fair Isle inspired garments.  I was finally swayed into purchasing said book by the three lace projects:

lace projects from NSHK

Of which the Mondnacht stole (literally “Moonlit Night”) has earned a place in my ravelry queue.

Mondnacht stole

I’m thinking that gorgeous Orenburg lace yarn (Silk/ Angora) would be suitable for it.  The pattern requires 1500+ yarns, which the skein has.  Though, I might change direction after a visit to Stitches West and the Lacis Museum.

Yes, I am hopping, skipping and jumping a flight to the Bay Area in two months to visit my favorite sister’s* family for a week in late February/ early March.  While there, I plan on getting into toooons of mischief.  It’s the only way to travel, in my opinion.

Speaking of travel, I have also made a New Year’s resolution.  It’s kind of crazy and it came to me yesterday as I was sitting at Pho Van talking with Opus about travel.  I am going to go to Israel by the end of this year. That’s it.  No weight loss, no becoming a better person, no vows to finish all my wips.  Atypical and nontraditional, to be sure, but I think it’ll work for me.

This is also a huge resolution to fulfill, as I have lost my passport and I hate the thought of applying for a new one.  I also speak no Hebrew (except Aramaic, really) and… well, I don’t even have a plan set yet.  But, I am bound and determined and am going to do it.  Hamas be damned.

I may even decide to extend my Birthright Trip and spend a couple of extra weeks over there.  Why the heck not?  I bet I could do all sorts of things**.

And after that bombshell, what can I say?  Other than I need to look into Hebrew and Arabic language classes and work on a PLN***?  Not much.  To add some insanity to the crazy, I’d also like to learn Japanese this year so when I call Tokyo for work (cue the dread of tomorrow), I’ll actually be able to respond with something other “Sumimasen, English, onegai“.  All things considered, I might just make next year’s resolution be to visit Japan (if I actually manage to learn Japanese).  How awesome would that be?

… I should probably start saving now, as the airfare will be killer.

*Yes, I may only have one sister, but she’d totally be my favorite anyway.

**That probably won’t involve yarn, dear knitters.  My heart just goes wild at the thought of visiting Petra, what can I say?

*** Sorry, couldn’t resist the Pratchett reference.


  1. I might be jumping the gun here, but if you need a place to stay in Beer Sheva (when the bombings end, that is), I’ve been know to provide a warm welcome with food, board, and shenanigans to the knitterly wench person. Gifts of yarn and chocolate optional.

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I received my Ana Bandana kit (with Silk Maiden, your suggestion for substitution since there wasn’t any more Nova Scotia in the yarn the kit is supposed to have) from Knit/Purl. I am in love with it and I too want to roll in it.

    Thanks again for coming up with an alternate plan for me! I really appreciate it!

  3. If your looking to spend an evening or weekend with an English speaking Israeli family, please think of us. We live beyond the range of Gazan rockets so life is peaceful here.

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