You would not believe all the craziness in my life right now.  I’ve switched jobs at work and am now responsible for the functionality and productivity of the store’s website and online activities. I think. I just started on Monday and still don’t really know what I’m doing.

On top of that, well, the parents (technically ‘we’, I guess) bought a house:


In Southeast Portland, in the Woodstock neighborhood. (We’re currently in the Mt Tabor neighborhood) It’s not that huge a move – maybe 20 blocks in either direction – but the timing is not the best. Our official move-in date is the 21st, 3 days before I hop on a plane to elope to the Bay Area for a week. I absolutely refuse to cancel my travel plans. Aside from desperately needing a vacation, it would actually cost me more than the ticket did to reschedule or cancel my reservation. Oy. So, over the next 3 weeks I get to work FT (while actually figuring out what my job is), pack up all my stuff and work on several Top Secret projects that have deadlines right around the move-in date. Joy.

There is some good news about the house, though. It’s roughly twice the size of the house we’re renting now (which means I can move half of my stash out of the garage into the actual house, ha!), and it has an enormous kitchen:


Considering the one we’ve been stuck with is the size of a walk-in closet, that’s a major improvement. Huge. More than one person can make a sandwich in the new kitchen.

Hm. There’s lots more going on. I’m not supposed to talk about one of the biggies. But, so you don’t get annoyed with me (any more than you probably already are about my bad blogging habits lately), look what I found on the InterWebs while searching for photos of TNNA:

My sweater! How weird is that? Personally, I’m not too big on the collar half unbuttoned, but hey… it’s still cool to have found it serendipitously.

… And the model’s not half-bad either ;D Of course, no man could ever outshine Patrick, right? Anyway. I have to go back to packing boxes and more boxes, but at least we’re sort of caught up.


  1. Kind of looks like he might have been to thick of neck to button it all the way! Definitely it looks better buttoned though!

    I don’t envy you the moving. We just finished cleaning out the apartment and dropped off those keys yesterday. But hey, I have a pull out place for sleeping so when you come down for Black Sheep (hint, hint) there’s a place for you!

    Yay for the new house and a big kitchen! And double yay on the website!

  2. {hugs}

    you know how to find me. but i’ll now need to know how to find you, besides at the website. er.. you know what i mean. i guess i could send you surprises there. would make going to work more fun? ;) (naah, waiting for surprises at home is better).

  3. Looks like a nice house :) and good luck with moving! Moving is always a lot of work, and it sounds like you’re extra busy right now… at least you have a vacation to look forward to!

  4. Happy ginormous kitchen, and I wish you lots of good moving karma. Also, hi! I haven’t talked to you in about 9,000 years, and I should have said hello sooner.

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