Today This past week was a little strange.  It went by in such a flurry of exhausting excitement that most of it’s a blur.  In fact, it’s been so busy that I’ve been trying to finish this post since Saturday night.

Right now, I am taking a break from writing tomorrow’s ecard and trying NOT to kill my sister’s dog, Bailey:


Who is asking for such a murdering, if I may say so.  The little sh!t keeps trying to chew on my yarn and brand new silk chiffon (see far below).  My heart nearly stopped when she tried to run off with my goodies from today.  Oy!

But, to keep this from getting hopelessly confusing, this is all gonna be in chronological order…

On Saturday, Opus and I ran a series of errands all over the bloody place Hell’s half-acre town.  First was The Backyard Birder, where I got Dad a bathouse kit:


Which he had been coveting mightily since I told him about it (hey, he has a yard to put it in now!) and a wren birdhouse for Mum (and Audubon warbler stuffie for Tegan, who is not interested in it as much as Bailey, alas):


Both the bathouse and birdhouse were made by Sawdusters, a PNW company that uses local cedar mill ends to make all sorts of cool yard stuff.  Love it.  I really hope a couple of wrens nest in the house.

Anyway, after that was Ikea overload.  Never go there when you are bordering on a migraine, seriously.  But Opus and I managed it.  Rather well…


In fact, we handled the place so very well, I ended up having to call Dad (he has a truck), because Opus and I managed to pick out enough furniture that wouldn’t fit in her car that it was, well… ridiculous.  Dad was just soooo chipper about all that, I can’t tell you.  But, he forgave me a bit when we were loading the truck and he found out that Opus’ Dad’s family are from the same area of Missouri as his family.  So, they started bonding over Bolliver:


Right.  I happily stayed out of this conversation.  I have it on very good authority (my Grandmother who was born, raised, and spent half her life in Missouri) that the family homestead truly wasn’t worth visiting.  If I tell Dad this, he gives me the hairy eyeball despite it being a direct quote from his own mother.  Right.  Moving on.

Opus talked me into a bed frame.  Admittedly, she didn’t have to try too hard.  I picked out the Marm in birch:

I might have been at the store for too long, because I really dug the Japanese-style set-in mattressness of it.  If that makes any sense (right, I know it doesn’t).  The Malm was also really fun to roll around on in the Bedrooms area of the Ikea warehouse.  To go with my new bedframe, for stategic stash-containing purposes (I can hear you laughing, you know), there’s the Billy bookcase with glass doors:

Which serves the dual purpose of containing and corralling the stash while reminding me how much bloody yarn I have. Which is… yes, I know… A LOT. In fact, when I boxed and bagged up the stash on Sunday and Monday, I came to the terrifying conclusion that the stash might not actually fit in a single Billy bookcase.  Especially since I went shopping today (I know, I know!  I shouldn’t have) and, uh, have even more yarn to take home with me.

And then I made the mistake of consolidating the spinning stash.  Yeah.  I can see another trip to Ikea in my future.

Let’s see.  Tuesday was insane.  Truly, “insane” is the only accurate word for it.  Dad somehow managed to schedule the move on the day I flew out.  In spite of two months warning.  In spite of reminder after reminder after bloody reminder.  So, in the morning I helped move some big damn pots


…and in the afternoon, at 3 o’clock, Mum and I ran to the airport where I just barely made my flight. And discovered that the reason rearranging my ticket had cost so much was I had accidentally booked a seat in First Class.  Whoo.  Go me.

Well, the flight was nice.  Very nice, if I’m perfectly honest.


Yesterday was also slightly crazy in that Bailey (the hell hound) decided that I was a burglar (A, K and the kids were out and about) and wouldn’t let me back in the house after I went out into the back yard to let the little monster in.  Suuuch fun.  I ended up texting A for help (she was in a business meeting) and spending a half hour in the hammock (barefoot and in my PJ’s) while Bailey growled at me through the door.  Silver lining?  It was absolutely gorgeous outside (65F!  flowers and sun and birds!)  and the hammock was quite comfortable.

Of course, once K and Tegan got home the little mutt-monster was just fiiiine with me.  Gar.

And today, well… I was bad.  Very bad.  I needed some retail therapy for a variety of reasons (you experience the week I’ve just had and see how you fare).   I walked to downtown Los Altos (about 2mi away) and hit Full Thread Ahead, The Linden Tree, Thai Silks and Uncommon Threads.    Oh, my.  Two yarn stores a silk fabric store and a book store – all within two blocks of each other?  I was doomed when my sister moved to Moutain View.

So, at Full Thread Ahead I got into the most trouble. I will not be visiting their booth at Stitches West, because that would probably be catastrophic. My major most awesome find was this honking huge skein of laceweight Merino yarn by Caellach Dyes:


It’s actually three skeins dyed in gradient tones. Too soft for words and the prettiest dove grey I’ve seen in a long time. It was absolutely destined to be used in my Mondnacht stole (remember that?).

At Thai Silks I went a little wild as well:


From left to right, 80/20 linen/silk, 100% silk chiffon, 100% silk chiffon dyed copper for a very secret, very cool project I’m working on for a friend who sometimes reads this blog. So, shh!, I can’t say more.

The white chiffon was clearly Bailey’s favorite, since I had to literally pull it out of her mouth:


Little monster.

And at Uncommon Threads I found another line of Isager yarns that I hadn’t encountered before, Højlandsgarn (lit. “Highland Yarn”) that I am madly, desperately in love with.


Think Shetland Spindrift… only softer (the Isager line uses only lambswool) and deliciously heathered.  I’m telling you, mad love.  I think I might have to lobby for it at the store when I get home.

OMG, it’s 11:35 and I’m watching American Idol with the ladies (don’t ask), after major trauma involving a screaming toddler (new record) and an overly-energetic and teething puppy.  Time for bed.  It’s 15 minutes to midnight.  Tomorrow (ha, today in 12 minutes), A and Tegan and I are headed to Stitches.  Pray for them, cause it’s just foolish to enter a tradeshow that size with me.

I’m gonna bring the camera.  Prepare for madness :D


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